Technical Support download:


Tools and Software

The following contains software downloads and Support Tool specifically for our CCTV devices. If you still have support and set up questions contact your local dealer or our support line at info@ecprotect.com or 852-24217000

Name Version Size Download
Video Storage Tools   3.7MB
Superplay 3.0   1.0MB
SD Player   17MB
NVMS1000 Ver 3.4.1 81MB
N9000-HDDTool-RPAS 6MB
IP Tools Ver 14MB
IP Manager Ver 15MB


User Manual Download

Name Version Size Download
TD-A500 user manual Chinese version A2 20161103 3.59MB
TD-A200 user manual Chinese version A2 20161103 1.15MB
TD-4503D user manual 450042260001 A0-20130513 371KB
TD-1102D NT decoder user manual -450041000870 A0-20161020 381KB
TD-1005D decode user manual 450043110003 A0-20160311 323KB
TD-1001D decoder user manual -450043110002 A0-20141103 373KB
TD-S300 NVMS storage server user manal A1-20161103 737KB
TD-K06   196KB
NVMS-5000 user manual V1.3.1 20161226 8.24MB
K12–Chines version user manual 450011000714 A0-20151009 1.02MB
K11 &  K11-W keyboard user manual A0-20160906 756KB
DVR Keyboard user manual A0 495KB
NVR-NV9000 User manual 20170628 5.87MB
Intelligent-video-Analysis-manual 0718 526KB
NVR-1.1.0-NV9000-450011000729 A7-20170717 5.57MB
DVR-1.1.0-NV9000 A2-20170628 5.56MB
N9000 DVR User Manual   5.56MB
DVR-NV9000 user manual-CN   18.5MB
DVR-NV9000 user manual-EN   19.2MB
3.0 TVI DVR User Manual   3.36MB
3.0 AHD DVR User Manual   3.27MB
NVMS-1200 User Manual   3.06MB
NVMS-5000 user guide V1.3.0 20160808 7.72MB
NVMS1000 User Manual A3 20161215-Ver 3.4 6.99MB
TD-9622E user guide A0-2015072 2.05MB
TD-9622-CS22 user guide A2-20150104 2.13MB
PTZ user guide A2-20160331 2.05MB
8MP E2 series camera (version 4.0 or above) user manual A0 20170503 2.28MB
5MP M2 IP camera common user guide A0 20150706 1.93MB
4MP E2 series(4.0and above) user manual A0 20161226 1.81MB
3MP S1 IP camera common user guide A1 20160615 1.62MB
4MP E2 IP camera common user guide A4 20160825 2.26MB
3MP M2 IP camera common user guide A0 20151017 1.92MB
3MP E2 IP camera common user guide A1 20160527 2.17MB
2MP S1 IP camera common user guide A0 20160525 1.54MB
2MP E1 IP camera common user guide A3 20160615 1.62MB
1MP S1L IP camera common user guide A0 20160720 1.66MB
1.3MP E1 series IP camera common user guide A0 20160222 1.57MB
VCA features Manual-0718 520MB
HD analog camera user manual 450013000429-A0-20160715 2.97MB
Analog camera common uer guide 450013000429-A0-20160715 3.97MB
AHD camera common user guide 450013000366-A0 450013000366-A0-20150714 671KB
720P camera common user guide 450013000418-A0-20160321 414KB
Superlive plus user manal A4 20160224 800KB