4MP versus 1080P Video Resolution, In today's video surveillance landscape, it seems as if the sky's the limit when it comes to what's possible in terms of video resolution. Newer high-end analog, and especially digital cameras, are now routinely delivering video surveillance footage that rivals the clarity, detail, and smooth flow of the best high definition Read more about 4MP VERSUS 1080P VIDEO RESOLUTION[…]

Is HEVC encoding finally going to become the new standard?

Video encoding is one of those issues that both accelerates adoption and bedevils content and equipment makers. The current standard, H.264, has found widespread adoption with low royalty rates and is used by virtually every current generation video surveillance camera and DVR. However, while this is now widespread, the increasing use of 4K video means Read more about Is HEVC encoding finally going to become the new standard?[…]

H.264 Plus vs H.264

H.264 Plus Smart Codec vs H.264 Observation New H.264 Plus Smart Codec saves bandwidth compared to H.264. Special equipment is required to take advantage of H.264+ Smart Codec. Hypothesis H.264 Plus Smart Codec will be more efficient than H.264. I expect a reduction of 20-50% in bandwidth over H.264. There also must be proprietary equipment for the Smart Read more about H.264 Plus vs H.264[…]